Winter’s Dance Releases on All Is Calm 2013

Here is the official track list for All is Calm 2013.
Free Floating Here is the official track list:

1. The Great Schism : Moonfrost (9/13)
2. Bing Satellites : Stille Nacht (10/04)
3. Magnetic Wind : Winters Dance (9/08)
4. Jack Hertz : The Particle Elements of
Enchanted Birds (4/57)
5. Peter DiPhillips : Moonlight on Snow (11/03)
6. Silvercord : Womb of Tranquility (10/36)
7. C.paradisi : A Cold Coming (7/00)
8. Peter Edwards : Solitary Winter (8/27)
9. Eyes Cast Down : Radiant Perception (10/08)
10. Shane Morris : Saturnalia (8/28)
11. Scott Lawlor : Yule Tidings (9/00)
12. Gregg Plummer : Star Followers (8/14)
Total running time: 1/46/23

Releasing tomorrow at
The video for Winter’s Dance is below.

MW’s New Album, Asleep Next To You, Releases Thursday on Free Floating

Releasing tomorrow….. “I am drawn to the intimacy implicit in this
collection by Magnetic Wind. The titles (and
indeed the inspiration noted by the artist) inform
us that this music explores the desire for
closeness and relationship. These are, in
essense, ambient love songs; I Want to Hold
Your Hand via Brian Eno, if you will. Of course this
music is really more mature in its approach to
love than the adolescent angst of the early
Beatles. Perhaps its more akin to an ambient
take on George Harrison’s Something from
Abbey Road–an expression of awe and
uncertainty and commitment all at once.”

LISTEN in tonight at 10 Central for an All Magnetic Wind Free Floating session with Brad MCCloud at

Album in a Day Vol 6 Released featuring Magnetic Wind

Magnetic Wind’s newest track, “Drifting Satellites” was selected for inclusion in BFW’s release Album in a Day.  

On Saturday 25th May 2013, musicians from around the world each wrote and recorded a complete new song, from scratch in one day.

The next day, these songs were collected and put together as this album.

The day after that, the album was released as a free download!

There is a whole range of music – ambient, folk, glitchy electronica, indie and everything in between.

Remember, none of the music on this album existed before Saturday 25th May 2013.

Magnetic Wind Interview and Feature on At Water’s Edge

Magnetic Wind will be featured today on the new releases program on At Water’s Edge (Stillstream radio). Included is a 30 minute interview with Magnetic Wind.  Abbreviated versions of the interviews will be used for the show, and the full interviews up on the podcast availalbe on iTunes. Tune in Saturday at 9pm Pacific, 11pm Central for some really great new tracks. — at At Water’s Edge.

Drown currently 27 on Bandcamp’s Best Selling Ambient Albums

Drown has only been released for 4 days and it’s currently sitting at number 27 on Bandcamp’s Best Selling Ambient Albums.  The 27 minute EP was also featured in it’s debut weekend on Time Drone with Jack Hertz, Mysterious Semblance with Tange, (dis)Perse with Allen Herrick and Nightscaping with Har.