Jessica Waters Featured Interview

In late June, Jessica Waters, who performs as Magnetic Wind, was approached to give an interview to Unity Arts Ministry.  Click here to read the interview discussing art and music making as spiritual practice.


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Expressive Arts Workshops Online

Jessica is rolling out a handful of expressive arts workshops that can be completed online.  Want to play with art, poetry, music and meditation?  This is your chance to explore!  Workshops include Expressive Arts Exploration, Mixed Media Exploration, Watercolor Collage and Collage for Self Discovery.

Expressive Arts Exploration engages you to draw or paint using your preferred materials different emotions in a mixed media environment.  Collage is welcome here!

Mixed Media Explorations engages you to play with different mediums and applications of paint, inks, pencils, pastels, etc, and use poetry to create pieces that celebrate the uniqueness of you.

Watercolor Collage uses a variety of different watercolor media to explore collage.

Collage for Self Discovery challenges you to embrace a body positive approach to the Self and meditate on intuitive collage making.

Contact Jessica at for more information.

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Metanioa Release with Tim Jones

Well, this fall I’ve been tossing ideas back and forth with the illustrious trumpeter Tim Jones, from my old stomping ground in Denver, CO.  Tim plays with the Colorado Jazz Workshop and gigs locally with a variety of big band groups in the Denver metro area.  We thought we’d try messing his trumpet skills with my electronics and see what happened.  We came up with Metanioa, meaning a change of heart.

As you know all of my music is an autobiography of my life. This is no different.  I have had numerous changes of the heart in the past two years since I released my last album, and on a variety of subjects.  I’ve thought of leaving music all together too.  But alas, it draws me back in and so I’m still here.  Silent most of the time, but the silence has to learn how to be played as well, we musicians know that.


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Expressive Arts Coaching

Jessica is trained in expressive arts from Cathy Malchoidi and her trauma informed expressive arts therapy training practices. Jessica also has a certificate in creative expression from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University, in Palo Alto, CA and over 14 years of teaching experience as an art teacher in the public schools. She is awaiting certification from the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association as a REACE, a certified expressive arts educator.  She also holds a masters in psychology.

Her Expressive Arts Coaching can occur 1:1, in small groups and via long distance using email and Skype.  Contact her if you are interested in expanding your horizons with the expressive arts.

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Dreamtime Collection Releases

I’ve put together an album, rereleasing some of the tracks I love that I feel are perfect for an album that helps put you to sleep.  I’m calling it the Dreamtime Collection.  On it you’ll find tracks like Asleep Next to You, Entering the Shell and Falling.  While it could be argued that most of my music could put you to sleep, these tracks have been put together with that purpose in mind.  The plan is to have several editions of the Dreamtime Collection, volumes, that include new material.  This is the new project.  Dreamtime Collection.  We’ll see how many volumes we come up with.  Enjoy!


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Kaleidoscope to release Nov. 27th

Magnetic Wind’s newest album Kaleidoscope will release November 27th on CDBaby, ITunes and Bandcamp as well as CD Baby sponsored retailers (Spotify ect).Kaleidoscope is a collection of space driven ambient that has come to be Magnetic Wind’s musical signature.  Like a kaleidoscope, sounds and textures are patterned pieces organized into one work.  “Life is like a kaleidoscope too”, says Jess Waters of Magnetic Wind.  “You have pieces of memories and experiences and they are put together to create this unit of a whole experience of you.”xk9Ed61448155801

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