Two Exhibit Openings in March!

My work is being featured in two Kansas City area galleries, starting in the month of March. Paper Birch Landing in North Kansas City will host their Women of the Arts in Kansas City exhibit starting March 8th and run through the month.

Beginning Thursday, March 21, from 5-7, the Mosaic Life Care Art Experience Galleries in cooperation with the Albrecht Kemper Museum will host 4 of my pieces along with several other talented artists from the area. All artists reside within 100 miles of St. Joseph, MO. The MLC Art Experience Galleries provide a positive and calming focus for patients and employees at the MLC St. Joe Hospital. This show runs until mid September, 2019.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t forget your loved ones (romantic, family, platonic) and yourself! You can find gifts for Valentine’s Day in both visual art and sound. We have compiled quick links for you below to help you shop!

Album: Sounds of Rumi

Album: Love Meditations

Album: Asleep Next to You

Art prints and products, You Are This Art

Abstract Art Exhibit

I’m excited to announce that three of my pieces of contemporary abstract art will be included in Paper Birch Landings Abstract Art Exhibit in North Kansas City, MO from Jan 2-30. The following works are being exhibited:

The Human Mask – Watercolor Collage, 11×14, 200.00 This piece depicts the persona that human step out into the world with sometimes masking the beauty of their spirit inside, other times shining through the mask for all to witness.

Meditation 1, Acrylic on Canvas, 11×14, 150.00 Meant for the viewer to focus on the color fields and blends allowing ones mind to drift.

Under the Shroud of Darkness, Acrylic on Canvas, 11×14, 150.00. Demonstrating the beauty that lies within us as we rise from depression and darkness.

Learn more about the show at or at the Jessica Waters Visual Art Facebook page.

Dear Child of God…

“Dear Child of God, you are loved with a love that nothing can shake, a love that loved you long before you were created, a love that will be there long after everything has disappeared. You are precious, with a preciousness that is totally quite immeasurable. And God wants you to be like God. Filled with life and goodness and laughter—and joy.

“God, who is forever pouring out God’s whole being from all eternity, wants you to flourish. God wants you to be filled with joy and excitement and ever longing to be able to find what is so beautiful in God’s creation: the compassion of so many, the caring, the sharing. And God says, Please, my child, help me. Help me to spread love and laughter and joy and compassion. And you know what, my child? As you do this—hey, presto—you discover joy. Joy, which you had not sought, comes as the gift, as almost the reward for this non-self-regarding caring for others.” – Desmund Tutu