In late June 2018, Jessica was asked to do an interview with Unity Arts Ministry.  Click here to read the interview.  It discusses in depth art and music making as spiritual practice.

CerebralRift – November 2014

Our Place Music – 2012

Our Place Radio, dedicated to playing the best in New Age, World, Ambient and Symphonic music, selected Magnetic Wind’s album 11 for their featured album of the week for the week of 2/2/12.  11 was released on 11.11.11 and written in honor of the angelic and Divine existence of guided spirits that enter your life, the magical numerology of the number 11 and in honor of ascending spirits into a new paradigm of peace.  11 is a meditation album that transcends to listener utilizing 432 herz tuning in select songs, Fibonacci Sequence in composition and whispers of the universe heard through the intuitive trance state that Magnetic Wind enters to perform and compose.

She is honored to have this album featured.  Our Place Music has also given outstanding reviews to Magnetic Wind’s music and has previously featured the track Dance Inside My Chest from the album Sounds of Rumi Vol. 1.