Expressive Arts Coaching

Jessica is trained in expressive arts from Cathy Malchoidi and her trauma informed expressive arts therapy training practices. Jessica also has a certificate in creative expression from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University, in Palo Alto, CA, a certificate in fine art from the Kansas City Art Insitute and over 15 years of teaching experience as an art teacher in the public schools.   She also holds a masters in psychology.

Her Expressive Arts Coaching can occur 1:1, in small groups and via long distance using email and Skype.  Expressive Arts Coaching can be used to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth, teach new skills, foster creativity personally, professionally, in the workplace or in schools, to assist in team building and ease life’s transitions.  Expressive Arts Coaching session encompass all modalities of the arts including visual art, music making, visualization and guided imagery, poetry and writing, dance and movement and mixed media modality experiences.

Initial consultation is free.  Sessions range in price but Jessica will work with you.  If interested in long distance sessions, Jessica accepts paypal.  Online Workshops now forming!

For more information on Workshops available, please contact Jessica!

Expressive Arts Explorations – Expressive Arts combine poetry, fine art, meditation, movement and sound into explorations of the Self.  Work spontaneously and intuitively with a variety of mediums to explore different aspects of the self.  Each session begins with a guided meditation to set the intention for creation.  No art experience is necessary for this class, only a willingness to play and explore.

Watercolor Collage – Experiment with multiple layers and take clippings from colored paper, magazines, found objects and layer with watercolor paint.

Collage as Self Discovery -Spontaneous collage is a method of creative self-mirroring that will help you to understand and love yourself profoundly. Working spontaneously with found imagery bypasses your socially protective mind, and reveals more of what deeper aspects of yourself want to express. No previous art experience or special talent is required to create an intuitive collage. Intuitive collage provides a visual window into the daily mystery and multiplicity of your vast inner world.

Sound, Paint, Meditate

Intuitive painting is painting without an agenda or image in mind.  We will use soothing music and guided meditation to inspire our paint brushes and experiment.

Healing Grief through Art Making

Creative arts can help you express emotions that are very hard to put into words.  Art allows you to express the emotions associated with grief and potentially experience closure or purging of painful memories.  We will use drawing, painting and art journaling as well as guided meditation to help us on our healing journey.

In Development:

Art Journal Your Archetypes

Mixed Media Methods for the Beginner

Experimental Abstract Painting

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