Magnetic Wind focuses on organic and electronic blends of ambient music with abundant textures and occasional female vocals creating ethereal drift and meditation music.  Ancestry, autobiography, relationship and faith are predominant themes in her work.

esraj shoot 089Her original compositions have been released on the following labels: Rain, Endless Ascent, Sound4Good, EPD (Portugal), Free Floating, BWF Recording, JWM, Magnetic 5280 and Divine Alchemy. Her music is available commercially on CD Baby, iTunes and various other electronic distributors with physical CD’s available at Amazon.com.  She has had her work played on  KCUR’s NightTides, Stillstream.com, Nightscaping with Har, Disorganized Sound with Dr. Steve, Sadayatana, Mysterious Semblance with Tange, Metlay, Time Drone with Jack Hertz, SomaFM Space Station Soma, Animas Lumina (Brazil), This Ambient Life, AiiRadio with Steven Barber , Radio Mystic (Santa Fe), Our Place Radio, At Water’s Edge and One World Radio (UK) and many more stations around the world.  She rarely departs to  dark ambient, but when she does, it is hauntingly memorable.  Alan Herrick of Netlabelism.com featured her album La Petite Morte in 2011, where it found rave reviews and was followed by additional outstanding reviews from various new age reviewers including Mark Blood for it’s haunting sound and the departure from her signature drifting ethereal.

My music typically reflects  deeply emotional content both in dark, light/ethereal and spiritual constructs.   Her musical study includes The UMKC Conservatory of Music, Park College, and The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Creative Expression).

Her music consistently ranks in the top 30 spins preferred by listeners on Soma FM’s Mission Control and S.F. 10-33, where she also has several individual tracks in the top 25 of various categories.

Jessica is trained in expressive arts from Cathy Malchoidi and her trauma informed expressive arts therapy training practices. Jessica also has a certificate in creative expression from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University, in Palo Alto, CA and over 14 years of teaching experience as an art teacher in the public schools. She holds a masters in psychology and  certificates in meditation from the University of New Mexico continuing education department.

Her Expressive Arts Coaching occurs 1:1, in small groups and via long distance using email and Skype.  Expressive Arts Coaching can be used to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth, teach new skills, foster creativity personally, professionally, in the workplace or in schools, to assist in team building and ease life’s transitions.  Expressive Arts Coaching session encompass all modalities of the arts including visual art, music making, visualization and guided imagery, poetry and writing, dance and movement and mixed media modality experiences.

Initial consultation is free.  Sessions range in price but Jessica will work with you.  If interested in long distance sessions, Jessica accepts paypal.

Contact her if you are interested in expanding your horizons with the expressive arts at mageticwindsound@gmail.com or jesswatersart@gmail.com.