Expressive Arts Workshops Online

Jessica is rolling out a handful of expressive arts workshops that can be completed online.  Want to play with art, poetry, music and meditation?  This is your chance to explore!  Workshops include Expressive Arts Exploration, Mixed Media Exploration, Watercolor Collage and Collage for Self Discovery.

Expressive Arts Exploration engages you to draw or paint using your preferred materials different emotions in a mixed media environment.  Collage is welcome here!

Mixed Media Explorations engages you to play with different mediums and applications of paint, inks, pencils, pastels, etc, and use poetry to create pieces that celebrate the uniqueness of you.

Watercolor Collage uses a variety of different watercolor media to explore collage.

Collage for Self Discovery challenges you to embrace a body positive approach to the Self and meditate on intuitive collage making.

Contact Jessica at for more information.