Magnetic Wind’s first Praise and Worship Album in the works.

Known for her instrumental style, sometimes called ambient or soundtrack, Magnetic Wind has demonstrated her range in talent in her 16 albums. Her inspiration for her work is described often as being autobiographical and to her, that means God is involved in every composition.  “I believe God is energy that is in every being and runs through everything.  So naturally, God is in my music.  It’s the reason my music happens,  It’s the spirit and energy that flows through the music.  It’s the connection that is made to the listener.  God is everywhere.  Even my first solo album, Believe, the title track was literally God’s message to me in a time of great despair.  So I have always released divinely inspired works.  I just haven’t released what I’d call Praise and Worship albums per sae.  My meditation albums are great for Taize services, meditation, silent prayer services, so I’ve always been in the genre, but this upcoming album is more of a love letter to God, thanking the universe for all that’s been given and all to come.”  The album, Hymns for Quiet Times, will contain instrumental compositions by Magnetic Wind and is scheduled to release this spring.