Magnetic Wind releases Eclipse.

The November 14th release of Magnetic Wind’s Eclipse marks her 18th album since 2009.  But Eclipse is not merely solo material for Magnetic Wind, it includes collaborations with Dan Minoza on Tabla Rasa and Disturbed Earth on Significance.  While the material is not new, it is material that has been overlooked in many ways.  Most of the tracks were included in her experimental album, Storm, which also included three driving hard EBM Noise tracks.  What Magnetic Wind has done is pull the intricate, textured dark ambient of Coronal Mass Ejection and Magnetosphere and pair it with the electro-acoustic and field recording dark ambient pieces of Minoza and Earth.  She includes a one new arrangement called, Oceans of Light, said to represent when the eclipse is over and the moon returns to its illuminated state of mystical magic.  In the new arrangement, Oceans of Light,  a space ethereal drive track, Magnetic Wind uses her compositional prowess to take you out of this world to a floating sea of… well, light.  Together, these pieces form a quintessential album rich in texture, space, dark and light.  Eclipse…An obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source.


Find the album now here.  Physical CD’s can be found here.  All proceeds go to the Hospice Foundation.