What’s in a Name?

It’s been the question I’ve been trying to resolve for months. For those of you still hanging out and awaiting new Magnetic Wind (or Sita or Mesawzee or..) music, I appreciate your patience.  Renee Blanche, KCUR NightTides DJ reminds me, in such a timely way… “To retreat, according to Dictionary.com, is “the act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy; retirement; seclusion.”   That’s what I have done for the past few months with my music.  Retreated.  There are periods for artists of waxing and waning, sometimes more prolific than others.  My retreat has done some wonderful things for me personally, that impact me as an artist.  My focus during this retreat has been my visual art and not musical composition, but as I work through all, my ultimate goal is to incorporate the two into installation art, creating multisensory experiences for the viewer/audiophile.  These are still works in process.  As you can imagine they take awhile.   

The content, is not all lovely, bubbly, beautiful and light.  I’ve learned from my origins that where there is light, there is also darkness.  In fact, without the literal darkness the form that light makes can never be seen by the eye.  Something to ponder upon philosophically perhaps.  As I mentioned to followers on the facebook page, I have no intention of sitting in the dark for long periods of time.  But I have no intention of hiding from it either and holding onto the fantasy of illusion that everything is light and love.  For my new age followers… I am sorry to dissappoint you.  But I just don’t see the world that way in all of the vast experiences I have been apart of.   And as for that, let’s just get it all straightened out right now where I am for those of you that lurk in the shadows and wonder or accuse.  

Mesawzee’s statement of believe (but wait is she Mesawzee or Magnetic Wind or what?).  I believe we are not the only life forms that exist in this universe.  That’s as fair as I’ll go with any space stuff.  We are… all … made of stardust.  Physicists can prove that.  I believe in the law of attraction.  However, I believe sometimes, shit just happens.  Maybe it’s to get you on a different path, maybe it’s to save you, no matter how ugly it might be in the moment, maybe it’s the great earth school lesson.  Either way, it’s there for a purpose.  Most of it doesn’t ever make sense.  I think most of us are trying the best we can.  I am not a doomsdayer and have no attachement to December 21, 2012.  I am not a Sikh or a Hindu or a Buddhist or a new thoughtist or … you name it.  I am me.  I believe God is energy and we were created and made by that energy and thus I call it, the Creator.  It is not human, nor material, nor paternal.  It is.  It is in everything.  Therefore, creationists and evolutionists are both.. right.   There are beautiful things in the world.  There are also horrible attrocities.  To deny those would be to live completely detached in a fantasy and I don’t think you can try to make a difference in this world being detached and sometimes, mentally ill, in the fantasies of aliens and games and philosophies that are just there to protect you from actually moving through your painful experiences on this planet.  That said, all those things are there for a reason.  No matter what they are.  It’s a hard one to digest sometimes.  So there.


Now what about this name stuff?  Mesawzee is a part of me and my art and installations will be under that umbrella.  Magnetic Wind and as you might notice, in the redesign, the g and e becoming smaller to read more like Mantic Wind, will continue to release sound–dark and light.  Afterall, a true magnetic wind is a coronal mass ejection.. creating tons of beauty against a dark background that, in truth, if the earth’s magnetic field was not strong enough, could destroy our very planet, i.e. dark and light.   I have no delusions of such about any of that.  However, Mantic… a word defined as prophetic, strikes me strongly personally and with my music.  So I very much like the emphasis on this.  Therefore, I said.. “yep.” to the new logo.

So.. got that.  Magnetic Wind for music, Mesawzee for the art.  Besides.. people are always wondering what to call me. Many have called me Wind.  It is a good name. I smile at it.  Even in reflections of the past, let alone the present.  Magnetic, well… in the wake of the personal devastation of the past year, I have not felt Magnetic.  But I am reminded by others that indeed… the magnetism in me lives and those things of a year ago are far, far away.


As for releases… a small group of jealous boys once accused me to doing anything to sell albums.  I still smile at the utter ridiculousness of that.  There are definitely those in the industry that I want nothing to do with.  I’m here to make music and art, not to kiss the behinds of false prophets and forked tongues.  Frankly, yes, they can kiss my ass.  But I’ve thought long and hard about how to release work both for fans, weighing financial investments, examining different delivery routes.  Ultimately, my decision is as follows:

I like the idea of releasing albums for charity.  It seems right.  So with albums that are appropriate, I will designate a charity that all, every single dollar, in proceeds will be donated to.  ZERO staying with me.  Other releases will be on netlabels (noncharity releases) and a couple might be released commercially through CD Baby and itunes.

I purposefully have not released ANY albums commercially in 2012 and won’t to avoid the insanity of marketers, artists and other taking advantage of the 2012/doomsday/paradigm shift thing.  I can’t stand people that make money on others spirituality.  There’s no hypocracy here because all my albums that have been released commercially are available for free as well at bandcamp or through the netlabel.

The sounds coming out are sexier, foggier, lusher, more intricate, and still… the delicate orchestration and textures.. of Magnetic Wind.


Thanks for sticking around.





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