Seeing Darkness as a Gift of Depth.

‎”Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift, ” wrote the poet Mary Oliver. This is so profoundly true, and I have witnessed this magic again and again in my own life. Everything that enters our experience is a gift, one way or another. If you have the strength, the fearlessness, and the open heart to find the gift within any circumstance, you will master this thing called life. I bless on my knees all those who have challenged me, for they have brought me to my depth. I am humbled by those who were cruel, and thus teach me kindness. I honor every person once wounded me, for they have taught me how important it is to heal. All my our challenges are gifts. All our heartbreaks are opportunities to heal and grow. We are the masters of our love; none can break us. We are the leaders of our souls; none can harm them. Today, open yourself to the gifts of your life. What have you learned? What have you lived? And what, in the final analysis, will you have left behind? I choose love. You? “Keep up and you will be kept up.” ~ Yogi Bhajan