Be bold. Be Free. Be Beautiful….Happy Valentine’s Day!

I just can’t get enough of this new song out by David Newman at White Swan Records.  It combines English mantra with Bhakti and the video reminds me of the beauty of the beach in the negative ion environment and all things good.  11 11 11   Happy Valentine’s Day!  Remember .. Every butterfly is the universes Valentine do you.  Every blade of grass.  Every ounce of laughter from a child.  Every hug from a loved one.  Valentine’s Day isn’t about if you are single or coupled.  It’s about love.  Celebrate whatever kind of love you have in your life and exude it from you, share it openly, and revel in the glow and tranferance of light.

Celebrate World Sound Healing Day with us as well at noon on Valentine’s Day chanting Aum.   Then.. maybe listen to this.. and sing along… here is David Newman.