Organized Religion or Finding Your Own Path?

There are a lot of seekers in the world today.  As a society we have gone through our time of apathy.  I believe that time has ended.  For many 2012 holds a magical belief.  I believe, every year is special for different reasons.  2012 is no different.  But more on that later.

I have been a seeker for much of my life, following my intuition and soulfilled drawings of energy.  Visions, prophetic dreams, and energy reading has been apart of my life for a very long time, since I was in elementary school actually.  I have had a near death experience and watched someone I loved take their last breath, participating in the sacred moments and weeks prior and the duties of honoring after.  I was raised Lutheran and went to RLSD church camps in the summer, with Native influences all around.  My experience of God was and always has been as a friend and energy, not as a patriachial method of control however.  In college I explored Buddhism, Taoism and aethism.  It never worked form, aethism that is and still align with some Buddhist and Taoist teachings.  My searching went through Chopra, Marianne, Neale, Greg, Myss, Tolle, all those wonderful new age writers.  Some I agree with, some I don’t.  Rumi’s poetry, the Kirtan and mantra of the Hindu, openness of Zen, and energy of the universe became my “God” and sound, energy and compassion became my religion.  Some days I am better at practicing my “religion” than others.

Organized religion rarely appeals to me.  Centers for Spiritual Living founded by Ernest Holmes has appealed most however.  That, combined with elements of Hinduism, Earth based spirituality, elements of Sufism, elements of Buddhism, elements of Kaballah, all are apart of what makes my belief structure.

The older I get, the simpler I think it is.  We are beings.  We were born of stardust, quite literally.  Inside us in the energy of the universe and if you believe that God is energy, then indeed, we are all God (goddess, Creator, etc.).  I dislike dogma.  Just because the Buddha experienced Divinity sitting a certain way doesn’t mean someone else will through that method.  It doesn’t mean that others won’t either.  It means, to me, that as long as we are open (and sometimes when we are not even), the energy we need can reach us.  The “message” reaches us.  Our job is to get in tune with it and listen.  Being still can have a profound effect on one’s inner listening and knowing.  I like using chant to quiet the mind.  There’s a method to the monotony of chant.  And as you repeat your chant 108 times or more you experience another type of opening and listening.  Again, simply another method in my experience.  Chant, meditation, is exactly like prayer… it’s just we aren’t done as quick.

I don’t believe in religious hierarchy.  In my personal experience on this earth in this time space continuum, I have ascended many times and returned to being, bringing back the beauty and gloriousness of the Divine that I have experienced that is, literally, out of the body, out of this world and indescribably.   I believe in the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thought, but also… that that law is often misused and applied by many.  Personal responisiblity and compassion are core to my way of thinking and being.

I believe there are walking , talking, visual dichotomies and hypocracies everywhere, even in our own words and actions.  Ultimately, what matters in the end, is what we should be focusing on…. truly… loving others and compassion.  Sharing that love and compassion with them.  What death and living has taught me is that the only thing that matters in the end, isn’t what we believed or where we belonged, it is truly, the quality of time we spent connecting with each other and sharing love and compassion.   That’s it.  That’s the whole enchillada.  Sure, I’m a Reiki Master, a clergy member in the Universal Life Church (which you can be too!) , this and that, but a title doesn’t make me any more or less spiritual.

Judgements, egos, narcissism, are all methods of defense to protect one from true love.  I have them at times of course.  We all do.  But in the moments of Zen, the moments of chant, in Being….  everything is so simple… and just.. is.

The point?  Find what fits you, feeds you, allows you to fly and experience love and happiness.  If it’s organized religion, great.  If it’s ecclectic, great.  If’ it’s sitting outside looking at a fire…. awesome. 🙂