Lights OUT 1/18/12 for Support of Anti SOPA Legislation

Like your internet? Read up on Sopa.  The government wants to censor it.

SOPA Blackout Set For January 18th: Here’s All The Info

Major sites participating, is it the right move?

 | January 17, 2012 @ 9:38am | 133 Comments  | A A A

Over the weekend, the Stop Online Piracy Act was dealt a major blow as the legislation was delayed until “outstanding concerns” have been addressed. SOPA will not move forward in the House as the official vote was been cancelled and the bill has been yanked from the floor. Representative and SOPA opponent Darrell Issa cheered this as a win for the internet community – but he warned that SOPA’s Senate cousin PIPA is still a major concern.

He’s right, and SOPA is still a concern as well. While it has been delayed, SOPA is not dead (just ask SOPA author Lamar Smith). It is entirely possible that SOPA could resurrect once a “consensus is reached.” SOPA must be destroyed while vulnerable.

And presumably, that’s why many sites will still participate in a scheduled blackout on Wednesday, January 18th to protest the legislation.