“Exquisite” says Our Place Radio Review for Magnetic Wind Music.

Our Place Radio, dedicated to the best New Age and Ambient music in the genre,  released a fresh review of Magnetic Wind’s Dance Inside My Chest from her album Sounds of Rumi Vol. 1.

“I found this to be a very fascinating piece. The calm of the wind as the background and the very subtle voice was exquisitely mixed.


Jessica Waters has one of those voices, speaking or singing, that at once is soft and delicate, but yet commands respect – It is a voice that can equality grab you and drag you into her reality; into the heart of the music.


This piece immediately reminded me of the old story teller sitting under the Sycamore with the village children crowded around in awe of the words. The words are crafted with love and caring, and so her story unfolds.


I liked the piece because it immediately yanked me into my past; past friendships and past loves. That remembrance at once both sad and happy, is good for ones soul. Remembrance of soft embraces and soft words. Life is good.


This piece of music says to me; Great life, no regrets.”

The entire review can be found by clicking here!  Thank you Brian!