Happy 2012!

Thank you for all your support during the past two and a half years of Magnetic Wind!  This year will be a special year with tons of collaboration releases happening.  Collaborations with Disturbed Earth (Australia), Dan Minoza (U.S.), Edward Raymond (U.W.) and the No Labels No Music artist crew are all scheduled for release this year as well as a couple solo albums.  Last year, I vowed to slow down releases and concentrate on my personal life and I did for a great portion of the year.  I found though, and learned, that if anything in my personal life keeps me from creating, then it’s not something that should be there.  I am blessed to have the inspiration to create constantly.   Thank you 2011 for everything you brought me and all your teachings, joyful and painful, it’s a great part of the autobiography of me.  It create La Petite Morte, Storm, Bhakti:Aham Prema, 11, The Triune and Voices of My Ancestors as well as the single track Stardust Amidst a Silent Night.

For 2012 there will be a winter solstice album!  It will focus on the magic of winter.  The single “Significance” will release on Sister Cities with Disturbed Earth,  a new track on No Labels No Music III will release with Dan Minoza,  a piano ambient album more reflective of the first album Believe will release in working with pianist Edward Raymond from Denver, and I am planning to release another dark ambient album called Shadowlands.  There are a lot of other ideas running around as well including Volume 2 to Sounds of Rumi.   So keep an eye open.  Many of these releases will be released on netlabels and free. 🙂  I plan to continue to release both dark and light sounding albums and continue to explore into deeper realms with sound.  Some of you may not like the different sounds, others will love it.  Enjoy what you will and choose.  As an artist, my music is conceptual.  It is an aural interpretation of discovery of the things of life, which include pain, grief and shadows; love, joy and magic.  Without one, you cannot know the true beauty and joy of the other.  There is a beauty to each… dark… and light.   I try to live in balance…. but my home will always be, in the stars.  There will be a lot of aural experiments this year, so hold onto your hats. As a conceptual artist of sound and visual art, you will also see new additions to the website that will include my visual art, painting, sculpture (gourds) and a couple of book releases.  It’s a huge, huge year.

Despite my permanent hearing loss, I will continue to create my music and offer it to you.  It’s been a challenging fall.  But as changes happen, you get used to some things, learn to acclimate, and continue on.  Frustrating as a hearing loss can be, it was able to shine the light on an elusive medical condition that I have struggled with  for over a decade, an autoimmune condition, and remind me that slowing down is a wonderful thing.  Stopping, isn’t in the plans however. 🙂

For some, this year represents the end of a paradigm.  Others believe the world will end.  Yet others believe it’s just another year in the grand scheme of earth.   Either way… I hope Magnetic Wind music and art is invited a long for your ride through the journey and I thank you for listening to journey that is mine.

With love, light and hugs in times of darkness,

Jess  (Magnetic Wind)