Voices of My Ancestors now available at Bandcamp.

Voices of My Ancestors is now available at Bandcamp.  It will release on iTunes and CD Baby in late January.

Voices of My Ancestors was originally released in 2004 as a 4 song e.p. None of the tracks survived technical changes and mastering. So it was rebuilt, completely after a long exploration along the path that my ancestors traveled across Kansas. This album honors the tribes that are my heritage. The Odawa (Ottawa) Crosses, named at Sault Ste. Marie Mission. The journey of relocation, the secrets they and the Baker’s (Choctaw) kept in order to survive and surviving Trail of Tears. It honors my great grandmother Mesawzee Black Eagle, who has been leading my life through symbol and vision since I was young. It honors the land and prairie of Kansas through their journeys to Cottonwood Falls, Council Grove, Emporia and of course, Ottawa, founded by my then grandfather’s tribe. It honors Hattie, Missouri…. where they set up homeland next to the Jack’s Fork River. It honors my grandmother Angie, who told my mother and I stories of how they were never allowed to speak of being Native outside the home out of fear of death. It honors generation of strength, survival, adventure, undying courage and it speaks their history that is now ready to be told in public and hidden no more. It is their love song to me.. and my love song to them.

creditsreleased 24 December 2011
Voices on the Wind Pow Wow Songs recorded August 22 and 24th, 1952 at Lac Du Flambeau Reservation Wisconsin (Ojibwa), Chief Red Eagle’s Address to General Jackson delivered by Vine Deloria.