Storm Releases October 1, 2011.

Storm, Magnetic Wind’s second dark ambient and electronica release, will be available to the public on October 1, 2011.  Storm is a collection of field recordings, experimental, ebm, drum and bass electronica, as well as dark ambient.

Jessica says, “Storm is about life.  In life there are warnings that we don’t head.  Choices we make.  Even a love affair with the storm, maybe for its magnetism, for its energy, for its passion, for its potential.  Perhaps we as mortals want to try, in some ways to tame that storm like a wild stallion in the high desert.  The storm can bring the essence of everything we need.  Rain, renewal, water, brevity from heat, refreshment, its wind, cleaning, turbulent as it is, setting us on a new course of direction or reaffirming an old one.  Storms are rarely quiet and often destructive.  Storms cannot be tamed.  Like a Tasmanian Devil on the loose, but yet, can bring such beautiful elements and visuals that we stand in awe.   We each have elements of the storm within us.

The music of storm contains the experimental field recording track Crows Omen, originally released with’s field recording challenge.  Throughout time and various cultures the crow has been an omen of a trickster and death.  Buddhism embraces the crow in a more positive light, as a protector.  Crows Omen embraces all three concepts.  A warning to follow your intuition, listen to the inner silent voice or death (change) is on the way.  There is always a storm with change.

The title track, Storm, was originally released in the spring of 2009 as Ghost Dance and hit number 14 on Denver’s dance tracks.  The title was altered as it didn’t seem fitting for the intention of the piece any longer.  The dark ambient pieces, Coronal Mass Ejection, Thunderstorm and Magnetosphere play with dissonance; the dissonance of change, the struggle between letting go and holding on, the internal battles within oneself and conflict of misunderstanding.  They are ominous, as in my perception there is always an ominous quality to storms whether they are impending or occurring.   There are also pure electronic and noise pieces encompassed in the breadth of Storm; the title track, Storm Chasers, Supercell, Anticyclonic (a backwards moving cyclone) all with noise, heavy drum and bass lines that spin in vibration.

This is not one of my new age albums that will bring you to oneness with the Divine.  It is however, real and  apart of me. ”

Take a ride in the Storm.

Her triple release of 11, Bhakti and Voices of My Ancestors is scheduled for 11.11.11.  11 embraces ethereal ambient with space chill,  Bhakti is what Magnetic Wind calls, KirtAmbient.  A mixture of Kirtan and ambient for meditation and devotion.  Voices of My Ancestors is inspired and created through the channeling of her Native grand mother Mesawzee (Fox/Ojibwe) through sound.