Latest Magnetic Wind News!

Life happens, while you’re making other plans. I don’t know who that quote could be attributed too, but it’s such an appropriate sentiment. Here’s what’s up and coming and “in the plan” for Magnetic Wind in the next six months…but remember, life happens in there somewhere, so there is potential for even more magnetically awesome stuff in addition.

Albums –
The release of the new Voices of My Ancestors is anticipated for late summer. This album is dedicated to the influences of my Ojibwe heritage. It is a diverse album that combines ambient, downtempo chill and ethereal vocal tracks with new twists on old folk songs (such as I’ll Fly Away).

I’m working on an album of mantras stemming from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions inspired by my recent experiences with Kirtan. Look for a fall release!

Other albums in the works include Vol. 2 of Sounds of Rumi, a piano based album called Reflections and a break away from my minimalism to more of a downtempo chill sound in Phoenix Rising. 2012 will bring the release of Ascension (more ethereal new age ambient) and Higher Vibrations along with other goodies!

Collaborations –
Disturbed Earth (Australia) and I have been working on a track that will be included in his upcoming album Sister Cities. Other artists on the album include Nathan Youngblood, Mike Radice and Shane Morris.

There are some other really fabulous collaborations coming up that I’ll reveal more about this summer.