La Petite Morte’s Review on by Alan Herrick

Magnetic Wind – La Petite Morte [rain044]
Author: alan // 13/04/2011 // Genre: Ambient, Ambient & Experimental, Instrumental // No Comments

One would not think an artist could make the leap from more new age inspired works to dark ambient with ease. Jessica Waters of Magnetic Wind proves this possibility with the release of ‘La Petite Morte’ on the Rain netlabel. Jessica states on her website, “There are times in life when we must embrace and examine the things that hurt us, create fear and cause us pain. My music, as for many artists, is a means of expression of the depth of emotions that are felt within. This work, is a musical expression of feelings of fear, betrayal, loss, and grief.”

Working in original composition, Jessica is conservatory-trained and does all songwriting, arranging, instrumentation, vocals, orchestration, mixing, engineering and producing for her releases. She has composed and performed in a variety of genres for over two decades. In 2004, Jessica released a self-titled short album of 6 songs entitled, Voices of My Ancestors, focusing on ethereal tones, harmonics and inspired voice. The 2009 debut album of Magnetic Wind met with rave reviews and she released Astral Vortexes in 2010. This year shows Magnetic Wind producing in a new, and often difficult genre for self-exploration and composition.

‘La Petite Morte’ rings out as a cry from deep within for personal understanding and comfort. A rich tapestry of sounds is woven with a sense of abandonment and loss and the struggle to make sense of these feelings as they unfold for the listener. While some of the tracks border on the suspenseful and often frightening, there are beautifully textured glimmers of hope that rise to the surface. However, there is always that feeling of doubt or trepidation lurking beneath. This collection of tracks is a vastly emotional work, allowing the artist to share an intimacy of spirit and personal torment with us. ‘La Petite Morte’ is inspired by a wide range of circumstance including the death of the composer’s own brother, states of deep fear from personal circumstance, and the loss of pure innocent love. These intense inspirations have made for a deep, dark and heart-wrenching platform for expression.

‘La Petite Morte’ presents as deeply personal overall with flourishes of cinematic quality which can be attributed to Magnetic Wind’s decades of experience in producing music that comes from within and serves as a true expression of the artist. Magnetic Wind has gone beyond this personal vehicle and allowed the listener to be faced with their own similar emotive states.