New Video Released on YouTube! ~Entering The Shell~

The long awaited video release to Entering The Shell from Sounds of  Rumi Vol. 1 was released on the Magnetic Wind youtube page, April 11, 2011.  Check it out and OM…..!

One additional video to the first Sounds of Rumi album, We Are, is scheduled for release on 4/17/11 as well.

Magnetic Wind is presently working on her 7th release, Voices of My Ancestors which is scheduled for release this summer through CD Baby, Bandcamp and iTunes.  She began writing Voices of My Ancestors in 2003 in homage to her Ojibwe/Anishinnabe heritage.  An EP was put together at that time, but shelved after family tragedy. “It’s just time to release it now.  I’m reworking the old material (4 songs) and there is new material that focuses on honoring my ancestors, a positive spirit of healing for earth and the individual and healing sounds.  Remaining in the true spirit of Magnetic Wind, this album borders the lines of new age and light ambient/world.” says Waters.

The first single from the album, Manitouwabi Ahki (Spirit of Earth) was released on February 14th, World Sound Healing Day, and is available for free download at the link below.  The video is scheduled for release May 2, 2011.

Download Manitouwabi Ahki here! (download will start automatically)

Future releases include Magnetic Wind’s collaboration with Disturbed Earth (Australia) on the Sister Cities album which will also feature Disturbed Earth’s collaborations with Shane Morris, Mike Radice and Nathan Youngblood with many others, new collaborations, and two additional solo releases to round out 2011.  Watch for more details!