Magnetic Wind Releases Manitouwabi Ahki (Spirit of Earth) for Sound Healing Day

Monday, February 14th was World Sound Healing Day and Magnetic Wind joined artists around the world in voicing a tonal AHHH to help promote healing and peace.  In addition to participating in World Sound Healing Day she also released a single from the forthcoming compilation CD Bioacoustic, Manitouwabi  Ahki.  Manitouwabi Ahki is Ojibwe for (Spirit of Earth).  Magnetic Wind’s great grandmother was Ojibwe and inspired the 2003 release Voices of My Ancestors, which is being scheduled for release on Magnetic Sound Collective with new material.  Bioacoustic is scheduled for release in early Spring.  Voices of My Ancestors is scheduled for release in late spring.

Download Manitouwabi Ahki (Spirit of Earth)  Here.