Tourmenter (Haunted) Featured in This Weeks Aural Apocalypse

Magnetic Wind’s Tourmenter (Haunted) featured in this weeks Aural Apocalypse. Listen here!


Aural Apocalypse February 9th, 2011

Larsen & Friends: Part 9 from “Abeceda”
Carta: Descension
Clang Quartet: Ava (Excerpt 1)
Conure: Tunnel
TSIDMZ: Riappropriarsi della Fabbrica (Manifesto della Rivolta Futurista Pt. 1)
Magnetic Wind: Tourmenter (Haunted)
The Boyd Rice Experience: Mr. Intolerance
Cold Fusion: Bird of War (Inna Wersja)
Jörvallr: We Shall Fight
Cawatana: In Darkness
Von Thronstahl: Runes and Men (Flute Interpretation)
Cult of Youth: Eye to Eye
Sarah June: Stagefright
Rachel Bockover: A Shot in the Darkness
W.H.Y. : Humankind is a Crime