Rain Releases La Petite Morte, Magnetic Wind’s First Dark Ambient Album

Rain has released Magnetic Wind’s first dark ambient album, La Petite Morte, effective February 3, 2011.  Cover artwork by Aairria of Rain.  Jessica states,

“While we would like to believe that life is only full of light, the fact of the matter is, it is not.  There are times in life when we must embrace and examine the things that hurt us, create fear and cause us pain.  My music, as is many artists, is a means of expression of the depth of emotions that are felt within.  This work, is a musical expression of feelings of fear, betrayal, loss, and grief.  Track three, La Morte Vient (Death Comes), is an audio interpretive expression of the death of my brother.  Tourmenter (Haunted) an Examinatuer (Searching), are reflections from states of deep fear from personal circumstances.  For, Etate de Guerre (State of War), I particularly used the public domain speech from FDR regarding the incidents at Pearl Harbor, because they were so likened internally to a situation of the deepest betrayal in my own life.  Abime (Abyss) is perhaps a piece that everyone can connect with at one time or another–when you are lost, everyone has turned on your, people who you trusted are no more and that trust misplaced and you stand alone in a sea of darkness.  L’enfant fille (Baby Girl) captures the innocence of pure love and the aching loss of it.  This is not a Magnetic Wind album that you are used to.  It shows diversity, depth, intricacy and intensity.  Just as with my ethereal and meditative tones, I hope, in some way, some of you connect with these very real emotions.”

Reviews from stillstream listeners, including dj’s John Tocher and Har have been outstandng for the unreleased previews.  La Petite Morte release for free February 3rd, 2011 on the Rain Netlabel. 50 minutes.