La Petite Morte to be released on Rain Netlabel in February.

It has been confirmed that Magnetic Wind’s first dark ambient album will release on the RainNetlabel in early February.  It has been previewed on‘s Nightscaping with Harand John Tocher’s Sadayatana, dark ambient shows to outstanding reviews. When asked why a dark album, Jessica of Magnetic Wind stated,

“Many people make an assumption that dark means bad or negative.  While yes, there are definitely some types of music that can be that way, for many dark ambient, darkwave, ethereal wave and drone embody sounds of connection, meditation, expressions that assist in processing one’s own story and grounding.  Avoiding the dark is honestly, out of balance within oneself, just as it would be within the label.  As an artist, the toughest albums for me to write were not my space ambient, light and love based albums, but my dark album, that forced me to look at the deepest part of myself, express it, process it and heal.”