Welcome to the Official Website for Wen’Deya.  Her newest release will be out in late spring.  Until them, we invite you to enjoy the work of her previous project, Magnetic Wind.

Spring Release News

Magnetic Wind will release hew new work, Hymns for Quiet Praise this spring.  The project will include original arrangements of Christian hymns from throughout the globe.  It is created with the sacred intention of creating peace and love.  Watch for more news here.

Winter’s Dance Releases on All Is Calm 2013

Here is the official track list for All is Calm 2013.
Free Floating Here is the official track list:

1. The Great Schism : Moonfrost (9/13)
2. Bing Satellites : Stille Nacht (10/04)
3. Magnetic Wind : Winters Dance (9/08)
4. Jack Hertz : The Particle Elements of
Enchanted Birds (4/57)
5. Peter DiPhillips : Moonlight on Snow (11/03)
6. Silvercord : Womb of Tranquility (10/36)
7. C.paradisi : A Cold Coming (7/00)
8. Peter Edwards : Solitary Winter (8/27)
9. Eyes Cast Down : Radiant Perception (10/08)
10. Shane Morris : Saturnalia (8/28)
11. Scott Lawlor : Yule Tidings (9/00)
12. Gregg Plummer : Star Followers (8/14)
Total running time: 1/46/23

Releasing tomorrow at http://www.freefloatingmusic.com
The video for Winter’s Dance is below.